Want To Plan Ahead?

Install new standard tube in standard wheel (includes standard tube)

Flat Repair

$19 to $26

Standard Tune Up



Adjust brakes
Adjust gears
Inspect bearings
Inspect tires/tubes (inflate as needed)
Inspect fasteners (torque as needed)
Minor True wheels
Lubricate Chain
Wipe down bike frame and brake surfaces

Tune Up  PLUS


All of the perks of the Standard Tune Up PLUS...

Complete cleaning of your bike and drivetrain.


Starting At


All of the perks of the Tune Up Plus... PLUS... 

Complete disassembly, clean, lube, and rebuild

Needed parts replacements or repairs are additional

Riding your bike should be a fun and comfortable experience. After all, if you are not comfortable, you probably won’t ride.

We offer a friendly, non-intimidating, professional fit service for anyone from the beginning fitness cyclist, to the ultra-fit triathlete.

Bike Fit

Starting At


Full line of repair services available (ie; wheel true, bike build, parts install, etc). 

Please call or visit to inquire.