Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program

Growth spurts happen. Luckily, with our Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program, keeping your child on a bike that fits properly doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how it works:

When you purchase a kids’ bike at Dave’s Bike Shop, you can bring it back within three years and receive up to 50% of the bike’s original purchase price in credit towards the purchase of a new, larger bike. It’s that simple!

No good bike should sit around collecting dust, so we may donate older bikes to local charities when you upgrade. That way, your child has a comfortable, safe ride that fits, and so does someone else!

No more bikes by the curb, and #morekidsonbikes!

This offer will be dependent upon current condition of the bike, and cost of any service or repairs needed to bring it up to proper condition. (ie; tires, tubes, grips, damaged paint, chain, pedals, etc may need replaced, and cost will be deducted from credit offer.)